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Like in many areas of the country, the housing market in the Detroit area tanked in 2006.  Just a few years after my partner and I bought.  Buying a home at the peak right before a massive fall was not the most financially beneficial things that has ever happened in my life.

I was reading some articles, one discussing the possibility of strong rebound in my area in the next 4 years. It was both surprising and welcome news.  I decided to pull some cards and see what the tarot projects my real estate market.

I decided to do a simple past-present-future spread:

        Image                               Image                                  Image

          8 of Swords                                      Strength                                      Ace of Wands

The first thing I noticed in the 8 of swords is that castle that is blocked off by the swords off in the background.  I think that really captures the stress and worry that many people felt towards their homes.  Like others, I felt stuck in a home that lost a lot of value and, with the market crawling to a near halt, was unlikely to sell if I needed to move for any reason.   Like the figure, there was not much to do but feel stuck. There were no quick fixes or easy answers.

Strength is consistent with news articles I was reading. Housing sales are picking up.  Home prices are stable and starting to rise slightly.  I consider the Strength card to show one’s power to get through a difficult time. That said, it often comes up in times where one needs to draw on that inner strength. So I think that are getting better, but this card reflects things are still difficult for many people.

Finally the Ace of Wands – a fresh start.  This one also has a castle off in the distance, only now the way open.  The firely nature of the Ace indicates that the market will go from stable to hot. The active nature of fire indicates that people may feel less locked in where they are and be able to sell and move if need be. Given that this is the Ace, one of beginnings, I do think it shows that things will start to heat up in the future. I don’t think things are going to pick up as quickly in the next 4 years as the article I read was suggesting.

One last note, not a single pentacle showed up in the reading. I don’t think the prices will be approaching pre-bubble highs anytime soon. Still, improved sales and any improvement in the home prices will be welcomed by me!


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