Sample reading

Here is a sample reading I wanted to share.  I did this particular reading for myself.  I used the Celtic Cross spread the date on this spread is March 25th, 2010. I know it customary to share a reading I did for a client, but I rarely write those down, so anything I did share would be reconstructed.  This is taken pretty much from my notes, edited a bit for clarity and spelling.  I did add my thoughts about the reading, looking back on it from now.  I added those comments to the very end of the reading.

Sample Reading:

   8 of Cups

Death        Sun crossed by Strength       9 of Pentacles

Knight of Wands

Outcome: Empress
Hopes/Fears: 8 of Swords
Enviroment: The Tower
Me: 3 of Pentacles

Highest ranked card: The Sun

Second highest ranked card: The Tower

Number of Majors: 5 total ( Sun, Tower, Death, Strength, Empress )

Number of Pipes: 5 total: (1 sword, 1 cup, 1 wand, 2 pentacles)

First thoughts: The sun is ruling this reading, assisted by the Tower:  Joy realized through the break down of structures.  Both are in positions in the spread that represent the present, so this reading is strongly root in the now. Powerful changes affecting all areas/elements of day to day life.

Death in the past – This meaning is clear, it related to the announcement of lay offs and the death of my view of security.

Sun in the present – This is odd to get in the reading.  I really don’t feel the joy in this card, but looks like there is joy underlying.

Strength crossing – It appears that I may not be feeling the ease I should because I’m struggling too hard.

9 of Pentacles in near future – a person alone, but wealthy and powerful.  Either an ally or state of being. It’s likely I will be reading this lay off out and my finances and security may not be effected.  The person by themselves indicates I may lose coworkers.

Knight of Wands as the underlying foundation – This appears to be related to Strength.  Me charging impulsively through things

8 of Cups crowning the reading – leaving relationships behind.  This deck implies foolishness and mischief. Not a flattering picture of my decisions to look for transfer opportunities.

3 of Pentacles in as self –  A reminder that I have a lot of skills and mastery within my field.

Tower in my environment  – Big changes and structures falling.  Things around me shifting.  What’s interesting is that these changes are not affecting me directly, but instead are showing up in my environment.

8 of Swords as hopes/fears – Feeling trapped and uncertain of how to get out of the mess I’m in.  Yep, this nailed it on the head.

Empress and outcome   – A state of being, luxury and comfort. Possibly a female boss.


Death, Tower and the Sun – things coming undone and the death or destruction of what is familar.  With Death in the past for  as well as in his environment, it seems like this a far reaching effect.  The Death in the past (with it’s promise of dawn) and the Sun in the present indicates that the things have improved greatly and to my benefit.

Sun, Strength and Tower – The Tower is reflection a storm of change and upset in my home.  The people around me and the life I built.  Strength as a crossing condition, I think refers to being strong and supportive for those being affected by the storm.  On another level, I think that the strength or set of strengths I am drawing on may not be the best.  It could be that I am trying to force things and that willing and forcing is distracting from the easy flow and warmth of the Sun.

9 of Pentacles and the Empress – A solo woman of means and luxury.  These cards neatly reinforce themselves and speak to ease and comfort after the storm of change blows by.  Physical comfort and financial security.

Knight of Wands, Strength and 8 of Cups – The pushing brining the powers of fire and will to bear on the issues in my life.  The desire to do, to be in control and keep things moving according to my plan.  Based on what is crowning the reading, it is based in feelings of loss or need to leave what one has and move into something else.  Perhaps fear of loss.  Or simply it just reflects my foolishness in this situation.

Summary:  Breathe.  The worst is over and rest of the stress is fading fast.  Relax and open yourself the warmth of sunlight.  Let go of your desire to control what is going on and accept.  You will be safe and secure.  Breathe.

Looking back at this from August: This reading was very accurate.  Some of my coworkers did leave my office and all my stressing and looking for other opportunities did not help.  I did practice the acceptance that this reading encouraged and it helped me through the down sizing process. The 9 of Pentacles was particularly accurate as I am working a lot more independently now than I was.


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