Why Get a Tarot Reading?

Is it to know the future?

A prediction of what may come is often the chief reason a client comes in for a a reading.  I’m not sure if that is the best reason, however. Certainly, as a reader, I make every effort to give the most informative, accurate and clear reading as possible, including predictions.  But tarot reading is NOT about me (or anyone else) telling you how to live your life or what decisions to make.  I’m not the one who has to live with your choices. The person who has to deal with the consequences, good and bad, is you.

Instead, a reading should provide you with food for thought.  When you sign up for a reading, you’re opening up to “non-rational” information or information coming from Spirit (or from within our own psyches, depending on how you believe tarot works).  It’s not just about me accessing my intuitive abilities alone.  It’s about helping you access yours.  When intuition is engaged, new insights emerge on conflicts and questions.

This insight is created by working with the symbols as living and breathing things.  The cards are not static, dead things with set meanings.  They are not bossy school teachers, telling folks what to do.  Instead, I see each card as an invitation to look at your life differently.  They are questions that, when answered by you, show you the way to the best outcome.  As reader, I believe my role is best served by sharing the questions, advice and concerns that I see in the reading.  I encourage every client to share what they see in every card as well.  I am guide in the reading, pointing out land marks. The journey itself  is about you making the connections in ways that help you live your best life.

The future is not fixed and predictions always are uncertain.  Instead of being prediction-focused in a reading, try using the tarot to help in opening options and creating self-knowledge.  The path to a good future is created by making good choices in the present. A good reading can help you do that.


About TarotJay

Tarot reader in the Detroit area. I believe in the power of divination to help us connect to our best selves and Mystery. View all posts by TarotJay

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