Blogging tarot!

I have been tapping into the rich imagery and lore of the tarot for insight for about 16 years now and I am excited about bringing my tarot practice online.  I recently discovered the tarot blogosphere and I have been so inspired by many of the readers that have been sharing their experience online.  I have put a small selection of them on my blog roll.

I decided to act on that inspiration and join in the conversation by starting up my own blog and by using twitter.  My goal is to offer a mix of things.  You can find a brief card a day pull as well as assorted excerpts of my life on my twitter account (or check it in the sidebar).  Here, I will be posting longer posts.  My current plan is to offer some tips and tricks for people new to reading the cards as well my own thoughts and opinions on tarot reading.

I hope that you join me as I unpack those topics.


About TarotJay

Tarot reader in the Detroit area. I believe in the power of divination to help us connect to our best selves and Mystery. View all posts by TarotJay

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